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Without Question, You Are the Missing Piece!
Are You One of the Pieces We Can’t Find?
Missing Piece
There are no “extra pieces” in the Cal Lutheran community. Everyone is needed to fill their own special place. Every piece counts to complete the picture.

We are committed to finding every football player from every year that Cal Lutheran put a team on the field. We want to know where you are, how you are doing, how your Cal Lutheran experience enriched your life, and how we can help you get reconnected with your football teammates and other friends from Cal Lutheran. We are constructing yearly team files for each and every year of Cal Lutheran football on the 5th Quarter website, with team pictures, win and loss records, special individual recognitions, and the whereabouts and a recent update and snapshot of what and how every player is doing. We are going to pull every string we can find to get them involved in support of this great institution and what it stands for and what it is making available in our communities, and to bring them all together occasionally for a giant Kingsmen celebration to renew our friendships and confirm our thankfulness for being a part of this great community.

As the pieces slowly begin to fall into place, everyone will begin to see what the image of  the puzzle is; it is a team.
So, O.K., then, we’re a team; a group of football players and Cal Lutheran boosters who have decided to get together because we have a lot in common and think that helping our University is an important  thing to do.

But how does a team go from being just a group of people working together to accomplish some goals to a shatterproof force that exceeds everyone’s highest expectations?

First, we must all have a common purpose (which we do) that is translated into well-defined objectives.

Second, as the great business sage, Peter Drucker, once said, “Always make your objectives quantifiable so that we can track your progress, hold each other accountable and judge our own performance.” What gets measured, gets done. (And what gets measured tends to improve also, as all eyes are on it!).

Third, it can’t just be a job to do. We must find the time to bond together as friends and also have some fun together and share our lives with each other.

Fourth, the leaders we choose to lead our team to accomplish our various objectives must be real leaders with the leadership skills, personal traits and determination to manage us all effectively, resolve problems that hinder progress and success and energize us to accomplish everything.

Fifth, the team must be able to discuss openly even the touchiest topics and issues the team members feel are getting in the way of progress and achieving the objectives. And that’s the reason that the Gadfly exists.
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