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Keeping It Real
HearsayScuttlebutt is a Naval slang term that means hearsay, rumor or gossip and is historically derived from when sailors gathered on a sailing ship for the immediate consumption of water from a “scuttled butt”. A sealed butt or cask of drinking water on the open seas was a valuable commodity, but once it was “scuttled” (driving a hole in it so the water could be withdrawn), the water had to be watched and guarded so as not to be lost. Since sailors exchanged gossip when they gathered at the scuttlebutt for a drink of water, scuttlebutt became synonymous for gossip or rumors.

Scuttlebutt at any time, in any era, in any application is just “gossip” or “rumor”, and like water that has been “loosed” may no longer be controlled.

The 5th Quarter understands the importance and responsibility we have in reporting “the buzz” or “the scuttlebutt” that always seems to surface or float around as it pertains to those things we care about., like Cal Lutheran football and its other sports programs and traditions. We will therefore properly investigate and provide reliable sources of verification for anything that sounds interesting and positive and helpful to Cal Lutheran University’s mission, vision and tradition of excellence in sports, scholarship, artistic and other endeavors.

So, here’s the latest scuttlebutt:
bullet Cal Lutheran's own William Roland Stadium will soon have the largest electronic scoreboard in NCAA Division III Football. William Roland continues to be a wonderful benefactor for the Kingsmen. Coming out to see the Kingsmen play is soon going to be all the more exciting!
Be sure to keep an eye on McEnroe’s blog. It’s really something special.
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