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Who We Are

A Team of Supporters for CLU

The 5th Quarter Football Club is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Charitable Corporation formed by alumni football players to support and celebrate the rich history of football excellence and traditions at California Lutheran University. We are a membership organization made up of students, alumni, staff, regents, convocators and the community at large. We love the sport of football and seek to support its team through various activities that raise funds and create awareness of the University’s teams, mission and needs in a number of areas.

Football players enjoy competition, are loyal, gregarious and above all, support the concept of “the team effort”. The letters in the word, “team”, say it all: T (together) E (everyone) A (accomplishes) M (more).

Excellence in football requires planning, analysis of the competition, knowledge of the game, strategic thinking, physical and mental preparations, a dedication to the fundamentals of the sport, and above all, discipline. All of these characteristics are not only applicable and necessary to exceed in football, but every other sport and aspect of life.

Offering students the widest possible perspective of educational offerings and experience that challenge mind, body and spirit is the strongest long-term model for success in preparing leaders for a global society. Making sure that four years of college are as enriching as possible, Cal Lutheran must not only prepare students to get a job, to become more engaged citizens and leaders, but make available to them the values and traditions, “the episodic memories” (like attending an exciting football game with family and friends) that will enrich their lives, give them a sense of belonging, and keep them linked to Cal Lutheran as “alumni ambassadors” and its greatest supporters who care that future generations receive the same high quality educational experience that they did.

Get Informed and Get Involved

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow is our doubts about what that tomorrow will be. Let us move forward with support for “our team” through a strong and active faith and commitment to our heritage and to the entire California Lutheran University community.

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